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Lamberts Plumbing Service Services
At Lamberts Plumbing Service, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. We are available to take your texts anytime and will respond as soon as possible. Our staff members are professional, courteous and efficient.  We know each individual is different and we will always recommend the most economical route but most importantly the best option for each customers needs.  Most of the time we can provide free bids over the phone, however in a situation where we would need to give a written quote/insurance company work we charge a small fee.  This fee is credited upon acceptance of our bid at final payment.  That is one thing we do right and that is stand behind our pricing.  We will not change prices in the middle of a job, this rarely occurs and is only in a situation where we have notified the customer this could happen.  We have the ability to work with you and your insurance company to submit any claims for any of the work we do.  Please let us know ahead if we will be working through insurance so that we can guide you and make sure to have all the necessary documentation and pictures that may be needed.  It seems to be a common misconception that plumbing is not covered by your home policy but we are able to get about 95% of our customers covered for Pipe breaks because we understand that in most cases portions of these types of jobs are covered under most policies.  While the repair itself may not be there is a lot more work that goes into the repair.  We can also assist our customers that just do not have the time to search for each contractor with the bidding process by offering GC type assistance.  We have teams of electricians, AC and heating, roofing, and top notch GCs we can work with for you to give you peace of mind that we can get you taken care of and you only have to deal with us.

We provide a variety of services including:
Residential Customers:
• Gas line leak location, repair, or complete replacements/reroutes services
• Water line leak location,  repair, or complete replacements/reroutes services
• Sewer line leak repairs, reroutes, or complete replacements with expert tunneling crews to prevent further damage to your home.
• Camera leak detection
• Supply and install gas, electric, or tankless water heaters
• Supply and install top of the line fixtures
• Gas and electric stoves, fireplaces, grills
• Gas pool heaters
• Water Filtration systems
• Drain Cleaning and clogged drains with onsite camera for easy investigation
• We can do a complete turn key from rough to finish out on your new home or remodel.

For our Commercial and industrial Customers in addition we offer
• Commercial boilers
• We work with your property management teams
• Roof Drain repair and installation
• Jetting services
• Emergency plumbing services